Independent Sales Contractors, Resellers, and Referral Partners Wanted

“Ordering has never been so simple!”

SOOP is looking for a network of Independent Sales Contractors and Referral Partners who specialize in selling point of sale/cash register systems, merchant services or any service or technology that focuses on the restaurant/hospitality or the retail industry. We believe we can provide your clients with an online ordering system, complementary to your current offerings, that is affordable and cutting edge, while providing you lucrative commissions and residuals. If your business fits this criteria and would like to know more about our reseller program, please fill out the following form and we will contact you with more information.

Independent Sales Contractors/Value Added Resellers

Earn 1099 income by selling SOOP services directly to restaurants in your area.

  • 40% commission on monthly service starting at month 1.
  • 50% payments residuals.
  • 50% profit on any hardware (one-time) items.
For the restaurant, the price is $99 per month and 3.2% + $.20 per transaction.

Referral Partner Compensation

We are looking for bright, energetic individuals or businesses to help refer new restaurants in their area to use the SOOP service.

  • First 3 months of revenue go to the referral agent (you) after the restaurant’s 3rd full month of subscription.
  • 10% of the monthly charge is paid to the referral agent after the first month of the restaurant’s subscription.
  • 50% of the transaction fee gross profit.
  • 50% of any hardware sold with the subscription (Tablets, Printers etc).

Interested in Becoming a Sales Contractor, Reseller, or Referral Partner?

To get more info about Independent Sales Contractor or Referral Partner opportunities, please complete the form below.