Make Ordering Easy with SOOP!

Simplify your takeout and delivery orders with SOOP! SOOP revolutionizes the way customers place take-out and delivery orders while streamlining your order management process, allowing you to focus on servicing your customers and growing your business.

New Features!

Discover the latest features built into SOOP’s powerful Text/SMS-based platform. 

Menu Scheduling

Change your menus based on the days and times. For example, Happy Hour menus can automatically be displayed every Friday or create and schedule menus for Monday Specials, etc. along with your regular menus.

Embedded Menus

Power your existing website with embedded interactive menus and allow customers to place orders online via the SOOP engine while staying on your website. Fully customizable and flexible menus allow you to configure and update your restaurant offerings in real time. You can also change the theme of the menu to match your branding, logo, or website.

Pizza Builder

Customers can configure toppings on either or both sides of their pizza.

Drive Repeat Business

Customers can now reorder via text/SMS with a simple reorder message. SOOP’s powerful text-based menu option will still allow customers to interact with your customized menu via text/SMS.

Nested Addons

Allow customers to customize orders with multiple levels of addons. For example, a side order of fries can have options for add cheese or chili.

Delivery Integration

Save money with our free Postmates integration and provide delivery to your customers.  Everything is handled including tips.

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Here’s How SOOP Works

SOOP is a text message-based mobile ordering platform that allows a customer to place a food order using the text messaging app on their smartphone. It is the fastest and easiest way to place an order. The restaurant receives these orders in a simple, tablet-based queuing system.

Orders are Placed

Customers place orders via their favorite device or interface (TXT messaging, email, SOOP app and SOOP web site). Customer simply tells SOOP where they want to order from, what they want and how they want to get it. Or SOOP can walk them through placing an order by way of a simple conversation.


Orders are Received

Restaurants receive the order via a user friendly tablet screen interface where they are displayed and queued in individual color coded boxes. Each box will have order details and options allowing you to manage the order and/or respond to the customer. You may also print the order to an optional receipt sized printer!

Orders are Completed

Once the order is accepted and a price is given, the customer will receive a message asking for payment.  Upon accepting payment, their card on file is charged and then will receive a message indicating the time they should expect the order. The restaurant will receive payment for each order up front.

More Reasons to Use SOOP for Your Business


Simple Order Queueing

  • Orders listed by first come first serve
  • Order aging (color coded boxes indicating new orders and orders that are getting stale)
  • Easy access to customer info
  • Items listed on individual lines

Easy Acceptance & Response System

  • One touch order/conversation management
  • Get paid for orders up front
  • Easy response – Allows restaurant to respond to an order with one touch, pre-definef buttons
  • Automated or custom responses
  • One touch order acceptance/rejection

Hours of Operation

  • An automated response indicating the business is closed if requests come in after hours
  • Informs your customers of when you are open/closed
  • Preprogram holidays and special hours of operation

Order Printing

  • Print the SOOP order to an optional receipt size printer for the To Go bag, delivery driver or kitchen staff

Order Archiving

  • Stores all order history and conversations for the customer
  • Retrieve archived orders at any time

Manage Your Business

  • Dashboard reporting to view important order statistics
  • Post your menu/specials
  • Track the customer that place orders using SOOP
  • Spend more time focusing on your business!

SOOP Eases the Headache of Online Ordering

Limited-service restaurants have a significantly higher adoption rate of customer-facing technologies that facilitate speed of service or ease access to off-premises options such as:

Online Ordering


Smartphone Apps


Mobile Payment


Franchisees and chain-owned restaurant operations…


Use POS or Electronic Register System


Would implement predictive ordering technology if available


Are Using Online Ordering


Are Accepting Mobile Payments

Operators have stated that…


Orders placed via a smartphone or app account for the total of all orders in restaurants (over $2 billion)


Their operations are behind when it comes to tech use


Their operations to be leading-edge


Diners say they usually pay up to $50 per order when ordering food online. The average spend is $16-30 per person in a full-service restauarant.

  • Restaurants are turning to technology–like online ordering, reservation and inventory apps, and restaurant analytics–now more than ever to help them run their business successfully and efficiently. 80% 80%
  • Restaurateurs value mobile payment options for their guests as a must-have restaurant technology. 49% 49%

Operators say that more technology is too expensive to implement. SOOP wants to set the bar by providing the ROI for your restaurant. We believe SOOP will revolutionize the industry and allow for customers to easily place orders so that you can be more productive in your business.

Source data from NRA (National Restaurant Association) and compiled by Theresa Navarra at

SOOP is designed to add the online ordering functionality while simplifying your life.

Save Time

by reducing disruptive phone calls (call in orders) and eliminating long checkout lines


Reduce Mistakes

as the order actually lists what the customer wants.  Nothing lost in translation


handle orders that are queued in an easy to use tablet interface


when the order is accepted and when the order is ready automatically. Payments handled securely in the cloud – no need for wallets

Gives Your Customers

an easy to use method of placing orders with your restaurant without onerous charges

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